Thursday, October 18, 2012


Wordstock was AMAZING. It was my utopia: books, book lovers, book writers, booths promoting books, book nerds and book sellers. Did I mention there were lots of books?

I was on three panels, one with Daniel H. Wilson and Peter Heller, (featured in the photo above) both promoting apocalyptic sci-fi novels. We argued the state of the environment and technology and it was awesome. I also got to be on a panel with David Levithan (yes, seriously) and Lisa Burstein, moderated by author Jen Violi who rocks. Lisa and I bonded in the VIP room, Suite D. I spent all of my Los Angeles years trying to sneak into VIP rooms, so it was a luxury to actually be on the list. And eat all the free cookies. And steal pens. I’m a pen klepto.

The highlight of Wordstock? For me, it was listening to David Levithan read out loud. If you've never been to one of his readings, you are missing out. This man is an amazing reader. He makes love to his words. Seriously, it's hot.

MIDDLE GROUND, is out in one month. Huzzah! Did you order a copy yet, slacker? Here are few places to do so:

Barnes and Noble

Meanwhile...there are two questions I am getting from fans about Second Chance:

1) When will the third and final book in the Gray and Dylan Saga be available?

I humbly ask you to be patient with me. I have a two year old and I’m having a baby next month which will squeeze my free time down to…um…none. The book is completely written in my head, I just need to get it down on paper. I'm aiming to have Finally, Forever out by fall, 2013.

2) When will Second Chance be available in print?

SOON! Hopefully by next month, but I promise before Christmas. I’m working with a graphic designer to clean up the cover a bit. Second Chance will also be available on B&N’s Nook soon as well. I gave Amazon 90 day exclusive rights to this book, but that contract is up on December 7th, so I can upload it to Smashwords and then you all can read it from whatever place/format you prefer. Cool? Cool.

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