Monday, October 31, 2011

The Morph

So...just a heads up, I will be morphing my "HOME" page on my website with this blog, since updating them separately is redundant and life is too short for repeats.

For any up-to-date information, keep coming here, to my blog, where I promise to post something remotely interesting at least once a month.

The home page of my website will list my books and any contests/giveaways, but otherwise will stay fairly uniform.

Cool? Cool. Thanks for understanding. And Happy Halloween. I am gearing up to watch Troll 2. I heard it's not even about trolls, so I'm intrigued.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Unplugged AND Tell Me About It

Attention fellow readers. Earthlings. Peeps. Fans.

As many of you know, the sequel to AWAKEN, MIDDLE GROUND, is coming out in 2012. To celebrate, I’m hosting a contest and my challenge is simple:
Get unplugged. And tell me about it.

When I say unplugged, I don’t mean you have to walk around your house with a candle as your only light source, and cook food over a fire pit in your backyard (however, it would be very impressive if you go to that extreme). I’m saying, try to turn off your electronics for a few days, especially your phone, your computer (Facebook, email, online social sites) and yes, even your television (video games included).

Step 2: Tell me about it. Write a couple of paragraphs (no more than 400 words, please), describing your experiences. Were you bored? Lonely? Did you feel isolated? Did you have physical withdrawals? Was it liberating? Scary? Did your friends start planning your funeral because you hadn’t posted your Facebook status in twelve hours? Also, how long did you go unplugged? What devices did you avoid using? I know many of you are in school and need to use computers, but then try to turn your phone off. Leave it in your room for a week.

Why do this to yourself? 1) Because it’s a challenge and I double dog dare you, 2) Because MY THREE FAVORITE ENTRIES WILL WIN AN ADVANCED READING COPY OF MIDDLE GROUND, which means bragging rights and a copy of the book months before it’s released.
Also, with permission, I’ll post my favorite essay on my website.

To submit your essay, just cut and paste it into the “Contact” box on my website. Be warned: this is an honor system, which means I trust that your essay is a truthful account of what you did. So, please be honest in your response, because lying is just lame.
This contest ends March 1st, 2012.

Good luck! I look forward to hearing from you.