Sunday, January 22, 2012

Watching the Sky

The flood waters in Corvallis are finally receding. I've experienced earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards, OSU Beaver games and other disasterous situations, but this was my first flood experience and here's what it taught me: Water makes things invisible. That's the scary part. You never know how deep it is, you never know how hard the current is pulling and how easily you could get swept away. You don't realize how quickly the ground is eroding and how fragile everything becomes. Concrete turns into creamy butter, dirt hills turn into a slippery slide, and gravel just sinks. It changes the entire landscape and makes all the streets that were once so familiar and safe look like wild predators and that is just freaky. When Mother Nature flexes her muscles, it's defnitely humbling. For all of our amazing technologies, we still can't compete with her. All we can do is blink up at the sky and wonder when the rain will stop.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Corvallis, Oregon is a flood zone right now. Seriously, half of this city is underwater. You don’t walk through the streets, you swim. And the rain is falling so hard, I’ve contemplated wearing safety goggles when I’m out in it, to avoid retina damage. People are sporting life jackets instead of vests. You could go tubing down the highway near my house.

When it rains this hard, it’s a perfect excuse to stay inside, read, and, of course write. I’m working on the third (and final) book in the Awaken series right now. When I wrote Awaken and Middle Ground, I knew the books wouldn’t end (technically). But this book will inevitably have to end, which is so sad to me. It's like ending a relationship with someone I really love which doesn't normally happen...

Meanwhile, FIRST COMES LOVE is approaching it’s release date. I was looking at other YA books coming out in May—most of them are sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal. Those are definitely the hot genres. I hope people notice my little realistic fiction story. Please don’t pass this one up. There are no vampires (not even baby vampires), no werewolves, no “Big Brother” controlling the world, no merciless villain. But, there’s still a pretty good story there. I promise.

Monday, January 16, 2012

More Tunes

Here are two more songs from the FCL playlist (thanks to Eric Hutchinson and The Cure for creating such excellent ear candy).

Reminder: People, time is running out to participate in the Get Unplugged contest--you can win an advanced reading copy of Middle Ground (the sequel to Awaken). Learn all about it on my homepage. This is more than a contest, it's a challenge and it might be painful, it might be lonely and terrifying, but I believe in you. For those of you that have already submitted entries, I just want to say thanks. You are awesome in my eyes, you are brave and tenacious and persevering and many good things will come your way. The rest of you are slackers.

Now, on to the music:









Number 1: My Lie, THE WHITE BUFFALO (Sadly, I couldn’t find a copy of this song to share. Just look for it. It’s brilliant).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What People are Saying...

I try not to read reviews about my books for various reasons, but friends have been pointing out a couple of reviews on First Comes Love that I wanted to share.

I'm terrible at describing my books, especially summarizing them, and I like these reviews because they discuss my book without giving too much away.

Speaking of reviews, here is a heads up: If you write a review, and it contains "spoilers," then guess what, you've overdone it. Back pedal (backspace) those spoilers away so you don't ruin books for readers by retelling the entire plot, Cliffnotes style. I think I speak for all readers and writers in the galaxy that we don’t want to know every plot twist, or how the story ends. Save a little room for wonder and mystery, (what we all eagerly look for from books in the first place). Thanks. :) I will now step off of my soap box.

So, here are a couple of bloggers that help describe First Comes Love. Kudos to these reviewers, and thanks for the cyber love. (Dylan and Gray thank you too).



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gray and Dylan...Continued

First Comes Love is coming out in approximately FOUR MONTHS. I wish it was four days, or four hours, but unfortunately I can't control time (yet). I'm hoping iPhones will come out with a time controlling app one of these days. I would consider purchasing a phone if they did. Or maybe an immortality app? That would be interesting.

Anyway, here is another interview question for Gray and Dylan, the two main characters of First Comes Love.

What was your first impression of each other?

Gray: Honestly? The first time I talked to Dylan, I thought she was mentally imbalanced. I was debating between heat stroke or mild schizophrenia.
Dylan: Thank you.
Gray: See what I mean? She thinks that’s a compliment.
Dylan: I try not to form opinions about people too fast, because they always surprise me, but the first time we met, I knew Gray had promising potential.
Gray: Thanks, coach. I’ll try not to let you down.