Wednesday, May 25, 2011

German Book Trailer

I woke up this morning with one of the coolest gifts I've ever received: a link to a German book trailer for AWAKEN. I'm a bit on the fence about book trailers--sometimes they're forced and lame and weird, but this one is just RAD and AWESOME and PERFECT and can I just add that the music, Chapel Song, by We Are Augustines, is currently my new favorite song?

Check out the trailer:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

D-Day is Over!

The debut day of Awaken has come and gone and it was emotionally infused with tears of anxiety and happiness (mostly happiness). Thanks so much to everyone that came to my book release party. Doing the limbo was really fun. Next year we'll try and have a break dancing contest and maybe some beatboxing.

People ask what I did during my release day. Well, I spent an entire hour in the marker section of Staples testing pens to autograph books with. There are so many crucial options to weigh: color palette, ease of ink, thick vs. fine points, comfort grip vs. non-grip...I decided on Bic markers (purple and red) because I've decided that "Bic" must stand for "Bodacious ink cartridge," which is all I could ever want in a pen.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is AWAKEN a series (or was that just a really cruel ending)?

Okay, I've received numerous comments asking, begging, pleading for a sequel to Awaken. One reader even offered me her first born for a sequel. I hope she was kidding.

Just to set the record straight, YES, there is a sequel! I never intended to end the book with Awaken (hence the "open" ending). Maddie and Justin's story definitely isn't over only gets better! I will post more information about the sequel as soon as details are finalized. Until then, sleep well my friends. There is more of Maddie and Justin on the way.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Publishing Jitters

Man, if I graphed the emotional roller coaster ride I am currently living, it would look like ocean waves, lots of rising and falling. I thought getting published would be this euphoric state of perpetual bliss and it's more like having a bi-polar disorder.

I'm trying to distract myself. I bought the new Lonely Island cd which has provided hours of much needed laughter. I saw Fur last night and that was definitely not a bucket of laughs. Way too deep for my mood. I immediately replaced it with the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy and my husband and I played this ridiculous game of throwing socks across the room into our laundry basket. Yes, we amused ourselves for an hour playing a random version of sock basketball, I'll call it socketball. It makes folding laundry surprisingly fun.

I'm currently working on organizing a book tour so I can meet my readers, my peeps, and some of my cyber pals. I'll be posting any events on my website as they're finalized.

8 MORE DAYS. *air high-five*

Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to Dust Off the Blog...


Yo. It has been years since I've blogged. I started this blog up four years ago as a place to vent, to inspire and to discuss writing, but, I got extremely sidetracked working on Awaken and other projects. Now that my book is being published, I'd like to dust off my contribution to the blogosphere and use it as a place to keep in touch with my readers (and also to vent, inspire and probably discuss writing).

I deleted most of the posts that used to be on this site, but I left a few on just to give you some glimpses into my mostly random personality.

For now, keep an eye out for Awaken. It's coming out May 23rd. Just to warn you, it might sell out at your local bookstore. I highly recommend camping out in the parking lot the night of the 22nd and lining up at the entrance just to make sure you get a copy.

It's currently available to buy online, if you simply cannot wait ten more days.