Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thoughts Outside My CO OP

I watched a man on the sidewalk downtown yesterday. He had a hand-made wagon attached to his bike. The wagon was just four sheets of plywood, held together by bungee cords. He was filthy and skinny and was painstakingly tying down bags and crates and bins stuffed inside the wagon. He reminded me of a turtle, carrying everything he owned on his back and instead of feeling sorry for him, I found myself a little jealous of how simple he had it.

I wondered, if I could only carry a wagon full of stuff, what would I pack? What things do I really need? What is so important that I can’t live without it? So much of what we own weighs us down, and gathers dust. I loved seeing how this guy could travel light. It made me need less and suddenly want less. It’s strange what small observations can teach you if you pay attention.

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Anonymous said...

well to tell you the truth i am a young adult that, yes , confesses their a little nerdy. I LOVE to read, and my friend said that your a 1 of a kind aurthor!!! I had to read a book for school, i can NEVER find a book that suits my needs for adventure and a secret love story hidden between the lines. But man, Awaken sure did hit it right on the bullseye! I have been trying to find the perfect blog to post my comment and i hope you read this :) i am now a HUGE FAN of you and you and Roald Dahl are in a tight race for 1st on my go to aurthors for friends (and myself of course). You really inspired me to look at the world a diffrent way. Well the world beyond my iphone lets say :)