Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Last night I went out for coffee at the amazing Imagine Coffee House in Corvallis, Oregon, with my lady friend, Leslie. She’s one of those technical savvy people majoring in digital media and communication. She likes to tutor me on my “online presence” and “social media platform.” She’s the one that decorated my twitter page. Anyway, she is helping me combine my current blog and website into one awesome space, so I don’t have to waste time updating both of them which is pretty redundant and I hate redundancy.

Leslie is currently working on the new and hopefully vastly improved blog that will be my new digital home.  I will slowly be dissolving my current website and blog, but I promise not to abandon you. I’m just preparing you, since change can be a little scary if it happens too quickly. I do have to add that I will miss my current website, which was designed three years ago by a high school student in Corvallis. Thanks again for all of your hard work, Damian! Sorry you had to witness me getting pulled over by the cops and receiving a $200 ticket and swearing and punching the dashboard. I honestly try to be a good role model.


A blog tour for MIDDLE GROUND is currently underway. This book is the long-awaited sequel to Awaken (which came out in spring 2011), and it is coming out NEXT MONTH. For the full blog schedule, go here.  There are a ton of giveaways going on, so look out for them. If you haven’t seen my intro video to kick off this tour, be sure to check it out. It’s pretty ridiculous: video.
The SECOND CHANCE blog tour will begin the first full week of November. I’m so stoked for this! There are a ton of bloggers participating. I’ll list a schedule soon.


Finally, I am participating at Wordstock Book Festival this weekend, in Portland, Oregon. I listed my panel discussions and times on my website. I hope to see you there! Other things I will definitely be doing while I'm in Portland are:  1. Shopping at Powell's Books. 2. Getting a doughnut at Voodoo Doughnuts. 3. Buying socks at The Red Light District. 4. Getting coffee at Stumptown. 5.Schmoozing with fabulous authors while I pretend to be in their league.



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