Friday, February 10, 2012

brass magazine

This month, brass magazine featured me as their cover story. brass is a money and lifestyle magazine published for young adults. Their covers feature young entrepreneurs, or just young people doing cool things. I'm honored to be a part of this magazine. The photo shoot consisted of climbing thirty foot mossy tree limbs. I got to work with graphic designers, writers, photographers and a video crew. It was an amazing experience to be around so many creative minds. The photo on the cover was the last shot we did. We were in a studio and they gave me a pen and said, "Pose for us." I'm like, "With a pen?" They're like, "Yeah, just roll with it." So, I pointed the pen right at them, as if I was trying to shoot a dart, and they loved it. They're like, "Yep, that's our cover shot." They said that oftentimes the very last photo in an all-day shoot ends up being the cover photo.

If you're interested in reading the article, it's available online.

I just want to give a brief background of brass, because I'm a huge advocate for this magazine. Money plays a major role in our lives and it's something that I think schools often overlook when it comes to preparing young adults for the real world. I never had to take any personal finance classes when I was in high school or college and I think this should be mandatory curriculum. The entire point of school is to prepare kids to go out into the world and be responsible citizens, yet, they forget to teach us about credit card debt and how to take out loans and create a budget....

Look at our current economy and all of the financial trouble people are in, especially when it comes to debt. Well, unless you major in finance in college, you just don't learn about it. That's what brass does--it educates young adults about the money side of life because, let's face it--it's pretty important stuff.

Finally, for those budding writers out there, brass is always hiring writers (and paying them!!) for magazine material. All of the articles in the magazine are written by young adults, some even in high school. Contact them if you're interested.

To learn more about brass, check out their website.
Finally, here's information on how to get a subscription.

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Candace @ Lovey Dovey Books said...

Love the cover photo! Thanks for sharing about brass. I will definitely check out that article :)