Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's New??

Well, I have a new boyfriend, Jason Segel. Okay, I'm totally kidding, but I did run into him a few weeks ago.

Last month I treated myself to a weekend trip to Los Angeles, where I saw Ryan Adams in concert. He is one of my favorite musicians (he’s even referenced in First Comes Love) so I was thrilled to finally see him live. Other highlights of my trip were:

  • 70 degrees and sunshine (always a treat in February)
  • Cruising around in my friend’s convertible. I’m not a car person, I really could care less what brand a car is, but I will say this: I am now officially a convertible girl. It’s not so bad being stuck in traffic in L.A. when the sunshine is pouring over you.
  • Hollywood Museum (I can’t believe I never went there when I lived in L.A.) The entire second floor featured the Oscars movie nominations for 2012. Definitely worth the time, if you’re ever in L.A.
  • Dinner at the Chateau Marmont
  • And, as the picture above demonstrates, I met Jason Segel on Sunset Boulevard. He was nice enough to take multiple pictures with me until one turned out (the flash on my camera wasn’t working, which made the encounter awkward yet amusing). I own every episode of How I Met Your Mother and Freaks and Geeks so you could say I was mildly excited.

Other items to discuss:

It is on, yo: Book signing/release party at Grass Roots Music and Books, May 8th at 7 p.m. in Corvallis, Oregon. Stop in and pick up a copy of First Comes Love. You have plenty of prior notice, so you have no excuses not to be there. Flights shouldn't be too expensive if you start looking now. It's a great excuse to visit Oregon.

I’m in the process of reading over "Get Unplugged" essays and I’m about halfway through them. It is so inspiring to read these entries. Everyone that participated in this contest has written really thoughtful, reflective responses. I will announce the winners at the end of this month.

I am hoping to do some publicity this spring with First Comes Love. I especially want to get down to Los Angeles and Phoenix, where the novel takes place, so I will keep you updated as events are finalized.

My editor sent me a couple of dust jacket covers for First Comes Love. The cover has this cool finish called gritty matte, so they feel as sexy as they look. I am giving one away, autographed (with a few other treats) in a couple of weeks. To win it, just help get the word out about First Comes Love. Send me a message (either on Facebook, or through my website) letting me know how you are helping to spread the word in your area or online. I'll choose my favorite (and most creative) response in April!


Petra @ Safari Poet said...

The picture actually looks like those random pics couples take :-)

Gritty matte? I'm not really sure what that is, but it sounds cool.

Bia said...

Is that the final cover art for Middle Ground in your sidebar? It looks pretty cool. I love that this series doesn't follow the "pretty girl in prom dress" trend.

Haven't sent in an essay because I'm really bad at writing myself but Middle Ground is one of my most anticipated books this year. Too bad the release date is still so far away.

Already pre-ordered First Comes Love. I hear great things about it. :)

Katie @ BlookGirl said...

I just learned of First Comes Love via an ARC review, and cannot WAIT to read it! I will definitely be spreading the news via my Twitter and Facebook page :-)

Cute picture, by the way!

Mary aka Mrs. Haymitch said...

I love him on How I Met Your Mother he just cracks me up !!