Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sidewalks are Safe

Less than three months until First Comes Love is in stores. I want to celebrate by taking a book tour via yacht or maybe hot air balloon or rocket ship.

For now, here's another interview with Gray and Dylan:

Gray, what’s your favorite thing about Dylan?

Dylan: I bet it's my unique fashion taste.
Gray: Right. No one wears ripped baggy jeans and basketball shoes quite like you.
Dylan: I don't wear basketball shoes.
Gray: Dylan, those black adidas shoes you wear everyday are basketball shoes. They're high tops. I used to own the same pair in middle school.
Dylan: (shrugs) I like skipping and high tops give me great ankle support.

Hey, Gray and Dylan, could we focus here? Let's go back to the original question.

Gray: Sorry. My favorite thing about Dylan...well, surprisingly I could list a lot of things here, but I’d have to say it's her 'random thought for the day.' Everyday, she thinks of something…
Dylan: Brilliant? Epic? Poetic?
Gray: More like insane. Watch, I'll demonstrate. Dylan, let's hear a random thought.
Dylan: Lately I've been thinking about sidewalks and how boring they are.
Gray: Sidewalks?
Dylan: Yeah. Why are they so straight and perfect all the time? Why can’t they zigzag, or be designed in looping figure-eights? Why don’t they have some built-in moguls or sand pits for a little adventure? Why don’t they have a rope tow, so you can wear rollerblades and a rope will pull you around? Wouldn’t that be great?
Gray: (shakes his head)
Dylan: And why can’t sidewalks be colorful? What’s up with all the beige? Beige is the most uncreative color of all times. Why can’t each square be a different color, or painted with a mural so that each piece stands out? Someday, when I own a home, I’m going to get my neighbors together and do something about this sidewalk pandemic.
Gray: Point made.

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Kate said...

I finished First Comes Love late last night and I absolutely loved it.