Sunday, June 12, 2011

MIDDLE GROUND is on it's way...

Last week I was offered a book deal for Middle Ground, the sequel to Awaken and the offer has officially been accepted so now I can scream it: MIDDLE GROUND IS ON IT'S WAY!! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself to be typing this right now. I wrote the sequel last year and finished it up over the winter. Now it moves on to the editing stage. I'll have more news about the publication date soon, but for now I'm so excited to say that Maddie and Justin's story will continue.

Oh yeah, and I have to add, awesome win last night Mavs. I love seeing the underdogs rise to the top. DIRK, you are 7'2" of solid German awesomeness.


Daisy said...

Woohoo! I just finished Awaken and LOVED it! I'm so glad there'll be a sequel, I want more of Maddie and Justin!
Oh, and congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

YESSS!!!!!!!!!!! :D I AM *SO* EXCITED.
thank you :) i cannot wait to buy it, and read it. (stating the obvious)
but question, does the story end there. or will there be a third?

Seesen said...

Awesome! I´m just rereading Awaken (first time it was e-ARC) and I love it as much as for the first time. Can´t wait for the sequel, it just can´t come out soon enough :)

Maddz said...

OMG I just finished Awaken earlier, and I LOVED IT. I came to check out your website (was wondering if there was a sequel)and now I am SO EXCITED. :DDD
Middle Ground! Huzzah!


Danni said...

Omg I can't wait till Middle Ground comes out! Awaken was AMAZING!!