Friday, May 4, 2012

Flipping Narratives in First Comes Love

First Comes Love, as some of you already know, flips narratives between the two protagonists, Dylan and Gray. This actually wasn’t the way the original manuscript was written. The very first manuscript was written completely in Gray’s perspective. I had a lot of fun writing a book from the guy’s point of view. It was refreshing, and challenging as a writer. I used to teach creative writing in high school, and I always had my students do an opposite gender monologue, because I think it’s important to try and understand people outside of ourselves, our ages, and our genders. It also opens up your mind to move and think and see in ways you can’t do when you write just from one gender.
So, after writing the first draft, I talked it over with my editor, Julia. She said, “You know, I want to see a bit more of Dylan in this story. I want to know her better.” At first we discussed rewriting the book from Dylan’s perspective, but that would have changed the entire story. There were so many scenes I loved specifically because they were Gray’s words.
I thought it over and said, “Julia, this isn’t Dylan’s story to tell. It’s Gray’s story.” We agreed that flipping narratives would be a great option, but Dylan is a strong character that tends to steal the spotlight whenever she enters a scene (which is why we love her, right?). So, in my rewrites I was very careful not to let her take the spotlight from Gray. Although Dylan is a huge character and a major catalyst to the story, I still wanted to keep her character a little more mysterious, and Gray’s character the main voice and central focus.
When I talk about my book with people, they either tend to side more with Dylan, or more with Gray (although it appears everyone roots for them as a couple). I think that’s great. They are very, very, different people, which, in my opinion, usually make the best relationships (if they can make it work). Will Dylan and Gray make it work? You'll have to read it to find out. :)


Joli @ Actin' Up with Books said...

Thank you for sharing this and it makes a lot of sense that you are giving readers more of Gray's story even when writing Dylan's perspective. I wondered about Dylan and wanted more of her back story so this explains why there wasn't so much focus on her.

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

Looking forward to finding out. My copy is on it's way :-)

Safari Poet