Sunday, May 15, 2011

Publishing Jitters

Man, if I graphed the emotional roller coaster ride I am currently living, it would look like ocean waves, lots of rising and falling. I thought getting published would be this euphoric state of perpetual bliss and it's more like having a bi-polar disorder.

I'm trying to distract myself. I bought the new Lonely Island cd which has provided hours of much needed laughter. I saw Fur last night and that was definitely not a bucket of laughs. Way too deep for my mood. I immediately replaced it with the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy and my husband and I played this ridiculous game of throwing socks across the room into our laundry basket. Yes, we amused ourselves for an hour playing a random version of sock basketball, I'll call it socketball. It makes folding laundry surprisingly fun.

I'm currently working on organizing a book tour so I can meet my readers, my peeps, and some of my cyber pals. I'll be posting any events on my website as they're finalized.

8 MORE DAYS. *air high-five*


emmyvee said...

apparently the book came out early at a barnes and noble near me? I READ IT IN ONE DAY. please tell me there will be a continued book for awaken! the ending made me want MORE. PLEASE.

Ashley said...

I also read the book yesterday when I bought it (it came out early in NYC?)! Great read! Do you have a twitter as well as a FB? I'm also a blogger (though I blog about Broadway) and am a teacher (HS Eng/History) and love YA. I'm passing this on to a student of mine. Hoping there is a sequel?