Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jealousy—it Happens

Jealousy’s a waste of time. The ironic thing is while you’re jealous of someone, someone else is jealous of you, so why not cancel each other out and just be happy with what you have and be happy for others? Not so simple, I know.

I find myself jealous of the most random things in life. Most people are jealous of money or status or jobs or looks.

I get extremely jealous of people that have clean cars. Don’t you use them? Don’t you throw your crap in the backseat after work and watch the crap pile up until you’re forced to give someone a ride home and they call you out on what a slob you are? Don’t you drink coffee on the way to work while you drive and spill it all over the stick shift and dash board? Don’t you stop at the gas station and get a bag of Doritos and as you eat them the crumbs fall between the cracks of your console and your greasy fingers leave orange-speckled spots on your steering wheel? Don’t you throw your c.d.’s on the floor that constantly get scratched and skip and you kick yourself every time but you never learn from it? Don’t you leave a Diet Pepsi from Taco Bell in the beverage holder and it slowly leaks through the cardboard cup, which you forget about, and it leaves a gooey residue all over the plastic holder that you can’t really clean out because it’s molded to your car? Don’t you leave half of a Kit Kat bar in its wrapper and it melts one summer day and eternally lodges itself into your seat upholstery? Don’t you people live?


kate said...

Hahahaha! Yes. Yes to all of it!

Dickey45 said...

I used to be like that (stuff in the back of the car). Then I hooked up with a guy that ALWAYS removes EVERYTHING from the car when he gets home.

Now I'm in that habit and the car is always clutter free. Dog hair free? Nope. Dust free? Nope. Just clutter.

Oh and the CDs are stored in the door panels where there is a pouch like thing to hold them.

Still in Corvallis? I ask only because I'm a regular reader...