Monday, November 5, 2007

Pencil This In

As 2008 approaches, I have to buy a new daily planner. I find this particular errand stressful. Do you ever shop for a daily planner and get really overwhelmed with the realization that you're purchasing one year of your future life? Who will I meet, where will I go—this will all be revealed in the pages I’m about to buy. That's pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

My problem is I always have morbid thoughts when I buy a daily planner. I think things like, What if I die before I use it all? Wouldn’t it be a waste of money? I also think I’m jinxing myself. Isn’t it vain of me to assume I’ll be so overwhelmed with social engagements that I’ll need to write it all down or I’ll forget? What if I’m never invited to anything? My planner will only exacerbate what an unpopular, unloved social outcast I am. I'll open up my planner in public and people will see it and think, “Aww, that girl has so many blank lines in her planner, especially during the evening and weekend spaces. Doesn't she have any friends?” Or, when I open up my planner next to a friend to compare weekend plans, hers will be packed with events—some even starred and highlighted. Meanwhile, mine will have one or two random reminders, like, “time to cut those nails.”

I put a lot of time into picking out the right planner because I'm superstitious that its cover will somehow directly affect the overall year I’m going to have. I don't know why I believe a little notebook I buy will enable that kind of power, but has it been tested? If not, it should be. For example, I don't want to get a girly planner with a kitty cat and rainbows on the cover, or my whole year could be obnoxious and stupid, filled with social outings like “stamp party” or “knit a hot pad lesson” penciled in. I don't want a daily planner that has a happy quote on every page, or I might feel bad writing something down like: go out drinking with girls tonight because I hate my life and men are dicks. If I can't be honest about my daily happenings, what's the point? On that note, you don’t want to write down really personal things incase you forget your planner at work and someone opens it up to see you’ve reminded yourself to: “price pregnancy tests online,” or “call about the results of STD test.” Ugh, it’s all so frustrating.

Does anyone else ever think this much into buying a daily planner? Probably not.

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ltbeyer said...

Fantastic post! You are a great writer and its so much fun to come in here and see what your thoughts are for the day :)

If we have a student program secret santa, all I want is an '08 day planner. I have three calendars right now and its driving me crazy! Go ahead and pick the cover...I like your theory about it affecting the year!